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Toronto, July 23, 2013 – Richie Mehta’s second feature film SIDDHARTH will have its World Premiere in Venice Days section at the 70th Venice International Film Festival, as announced at today’s press conference. SIDDHARTH is written and directed by Mehta, and produced by Steven N. Bray, David Miller and Mehta.

“We are truly honoured to have Venice Days embrace our film,” said Mehta. “Siddharth is a story that I needed to tell, and hope will touch people’s hearts, It’s deeply rewarding to see this is happening.”

SIDDHARTH is a tender story about a chain-wallah who travels across India in search of his missing son.

After sending away his 12 year-old son Siddharth for work, Mahendra (a chain-wallah who fixes broken zippers on the streets) is relieved – his financial burdens will be alleviated. But when Siddharth fails to return home, Mahendra learns he may have been taken by child-traffickers. With little resources and no connections, he travels across India in pursuit, with the hope that whatever force arbitrarily took his child away will return him unharmed.

Giornate degli Autori / Venice Days, modeled after the prestigious Directors’ Fortnight of Cannes Film Festival, was conceived in 2004 with the goal of drawing attention to high quality cinema that demonstrates innovation, research, originality and independence.

SIDDHARTH is a Poor Man’s Productions’ film.

For more information please contact: Andrea Grau, Touchwood PR at andrea@touchwoodpr.com or 416.347.6749

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